An Exiting Exploration

Senior BFA Solo Show

Max L. Gatov Gallery

May 2018 





To be handled or controlled typically in a skillful manner.



Presentation is not inherent. It is decided. 

Presentation demands the viewer to behave a certain way.

To manipulate presentation is to manipulate the viewer.

If to manipulate the presentation is to manipulate the viewer, is there a way to manipulate them into paying more attention? 

Can viewers invest themselves into your work, before realizing that they have?

Can curiosity of the unknown bring them in or does it truly discourage people from trying? 

Can fear be utilized in a harmless way to evoke a higher level attention? 

Can a sense of awe make up for a moment of provoked fear? 

How much can work can you ask the viewer to do in order to view the work before it becomes “too much”?

Is viewing some art worth more “viewing work” than others? 

Who are the people most likely to take issue with a deviation in presentational format? 


Curiosity, anticipation, fear and awe have the potential to be powerful tools.



650 pounds of sand


Cell batteries

Black curtains




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