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Artist Statement

As a child, I distinctly remember all adults telling me that museums and galleries were places in which "Your hands go behind your back." They were places for my best outfits, my best behavior, and most importantly my inside voice.


As a young and developing artist, I was bombarded with many variations of the same phrase. "Make whatever you want to make, don't try to make artwork that you think other people will like." Except... I didn't know what I wanted to make.

Eventually, I came up with a different proposal: "Make what you want to see."


The most influential moments for my practice have been moments where I have experienced sensory overload and been overwhelmed with wonder, awe, curiosity, surprise, and fear. Creating installations allows me to tap into all of those emotions.   

 Today my interest is in creating art installations that defy my mother's words. Your hands do not need to go behind your back, you do not need to wear your best outfits, and you most certainly do not need to use your inside voice. In fact, I hope you use your hands to help navigate the space I have created.
























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