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               Installations push the limit of what is comfortable to directly or indirectly ask a viewer to do in order to fully absorb the work. Installations allow control of an atmosphere almost completely while also potentially controlling the behavior within a space. Behavior within art spaces is often highly curated. The spaces are quiet, the art is spread out and allows a clear path for viewers to navigate safely. Viewers are expected to be aware of themselves and their bodies within these spaces. By making work that imposes itself on the viewers "viewing space" the work amplifies the amount of bodily awareness needed while being navigated. Bodily awareness is something that is considered in every installation. However it has also allowed for people to try to take in work at a glance. Everything is spaced out- you can tell if you will like it or not at a glance, without giving it much thought or attention. We are all guilty of it. The question I find myself trying to explore is- how much “viewing work” can an artist reasonably and unreasonably ask a viewer to do?

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